Fundaments of React.js for Beginners

The benefit of react components is we can use them as many as we want. They are editable and the reflection of edition applied in the other same component at a time.

With a bunch of small components, we make the largest one. React components are like JavaScript functions. We make a function with some information and it provides us that information when we call the function.

This premade function we can use many times as we want. And react components are like functions.

React hook is considered a react component. It is a special function. A special word is reserved for react hook and that ‘use’. Every hook starts with the word ‘use’.

The react hooks are very useful and it has endless power with that you can do many things. The hooks are only associated with function components but not with class components.

Basically, JSX lets us work with react component, props, and …children function. When you make a component and want to use it.

You have to create the component name with the capitalized word and need to use it as it is named starting with capitalized word.

Any component start with lowercase letter it represent to the build-in component like <div> or <span>.



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Dev. Hossain

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